Founded in January 8th 2006, Caidu Wansheng (Beijing) Agricultural Scientific and Technological Development Co., Ltd, whose precursor is Shouguang Wansheng Seed Co., Ltd, is a high-tech agricultural company consisting of breeding, developing and extending. We were rated as Excellent Seed Enterprise of Chinese Vegetable Hometown by Shouguang Propaganda Department, Shouguang Market Supervision Administration, Shouguang Public Security Bureau, Shouguang Agricultural Bureau and Shouguang Broadcasting and TV Station. We were rated as Honest Agricultural Materials Company of Chinese Vegetable Industry. Our 5 summer squash species were rated as Chinese Good Seed by China Academy of Agricultural Sciences and several pepper, tomato and cucumber species were recommended by expert group.
Address: No. 12, building 22, 2214 Feng Feng pipeline, Beijing, Fengtai District Shandong office: Shandong Province, Shouguang City, the new bus station west station on the north side of 20 meters Tel: 0536-2232229 400-0037-688 URL: QQ:1679028712
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    Caidu Wansheng (Beijing) Agricultural Scientific and Technological Development Co., Ltd,